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The Adršpach - Teplice Rocks

I'd like to show you a picture gallery of the most amazing sandstones in the world found in Czech Republic. The sandstones are like giant garden gnomes. This place makes you wonder: am I in the Middle-Earth town of the lord of the rings? It's so resemblance that even you wipe your eyes twice you still think to be in the fantasy world! It's simply an amazing place

The name Blue Lake misleads you to think that the lake is really blue, but it's more green to me than blue. It used to be a sandpit but nowadays it's filled with water. Beautiful and small lake with clear water. Just like in a fairytale!

These sandstones has been formed naturally by the nature, making labyrinths, columns and pillars. There are thousands of rocks and some of them has even it's own name.

Visiting the rock area is easy to everybody with a baby carriage, with a wheel chair or with some other aid tools. A number of marked trails leads you to the heart of the rock castle. Rock jumping and high-risk climbing in the climbing areas are available to special focused tourists. Caravan and camping park is suitable for everybody and staying at the campsite gives you more time to enjoy walking, sightseeing and other outdoor activities.