Sunday 10 June, 2018

We decided to move our motorcycle to Southern Europe. Wintertime here up in north is long and snowy, and that means no more riding. We started to think over that maybe there would be more possibilities to ride during our winter vacation if the bike is already in some warm country. Yes, when the wind is blowing snow around us, we can put our bike onto a trailer, drive the whole thing with a car to the harbour, push the bike inside the ship and hope all way long that the North Germany hasn't any snow yet. Then there are several hundred, 800 - 1000, kilometers to get to the Alps. When you finally get there, your vacation is already ending, and you are going to rush like a thunderbird through the whole Europe to reach your everyday life back home. We made a new plan: the bike should be already in a garage in South Europe, we just take a flight and enjoy a long trip around Alps or some other countries. Then after this relaxing ride we are ready to return back home. Sounds good to me!!!!
Before the real action you have to pack up all your things succesfully. For the bike we bought special-made cases which would fit perfectly into the side boxes. Before we used Ikea and Kånken backpacks. Motorcycle companies are making brand cases. We got ours from a small company which is making them to all motorcycle brands. Very good sizes and good material. When you start to pack it is important to think which clothes are nesessary. You don't need much. Remember, that almost everything should be easy to wash. Underwear can be washed during the evening and they will dry over the night.
One shirt with long sleeves, two t-shirts. Wash one cloth once in a while and keep going with the rest. You can wear all of them if it is too cold. With warm weather need only one. In the evening you should put your clean shirt on and having it till next evening when it is time to change after riding. Like this you are circulating your clothes. One warm, light jacket or pullover is good to have. Some long leggings or shorts under your biketrousers (you see, I am used to have A LOT of clothes under my riding clothes setting). Then women can think to use skirt during free time or jeans. Maybe both fit into your luggage. Light shoes, easy to walk even long trips. Motorbike jackets are very good choise in free time too.
When you are riding in a cold climate like here up in Northen Europe, you need merinowool underwear. I am used to have my Goretex motorcycle garments in everywhere and in Southern Europe, + 30 celcius make you melt inside your suit. I want to protect myself and that is why I always wear my all stuff. Then it is good to have technical undewear. They keep you more cool and transfer moisture out from your skin.
Remember that when you are travelling together with someone, you both will have only one side luggage. Top case is also available for many things, but usually there are some "quickly needed" stuff. You can have your own backpack to carry, but for a long rides it is too unconfortable and causes unnecessary pain to your shoulders. Believe or not, but I am packing always less clothes along than my husband!!! The main thing is riding, so the whole daytime we spent on the bike. In the evenings the most important thing is cleaning up and eating. Then good night sleep to keep you going the trip. If we have day off from the saddle, we are looking for places to go sightseeing. No need anything special to wear. Basic things and some personal stuff.
Painkillers are good to have and of course your own medicine is needed. Keep your recipes with you if you will need them for further medication in some situations. First-aid kit is recommended. It is important to know the purpose of it and how to use items when first-aid is needed. Motorcyclist can harm herself in different circumstances than normally. Burns, like sunburn, eye injuries, fractures or trauma to the head or other bodyparts can be hurt. There are ready-made first-aid kits for motorcyclists. It is recommended to have basic life survival skills, too. On the road you can be envolved in emergency situations where somebody else needs help. Then it is good to have some of resuscitation skills. That facility never gets wasted.
You have to think your other motorcycling equipments. A good helmet, clothing, boots, gloves, raincover, scarves, etc. We have a Richa roll bag where you can pack extra stuff like rain protection clothes and camping equipments. Bluetooth headset communication system is needed if you are using GPS and mobilephone while riding or just want to exhange thoughts with each other. Paper maps are not a joke. We always have them with us. In the evening we plan the next day with those big papermaps. From Google you can find sights and on a map you can see the big picture. You maybe want to make a list about your targets and then you will write down your first destination on your GPS.
If you are transporting your bike by a ship, you will need your own wrapping bands. There are normally shipping vehicle wraps, but never know if you want to have more security and use your own ones. I am talking now about a situation when you are travelling with your motorcycle over the sea and driving your bike among cars. Normally bikes are going first to the "top shelf" and heavy trucks and lorries to the basement. There are often during the peak many other motorcyclists and bikes, and you are packed up closely to each other. Bike should lean to its sidestand and will wrap carefully. Everybody is making his own customs how to get ready for travelling. This was a short overview to one preparation. Remember - everyday check your motorcycle before and after riding that everything is ok. Pack it and get ready for your journey!!!