V-Strom storytale

Wednesday 16 August, 2017

Me and my husband have the same interest: motorcycles. I've started to post some pictures on Instagram and Facebook about our motorcycles from the last 10 years. I have a driving licence for anykind of motorcycle, but you can't drive a bike with a license - experience is also required! And there I have a huge lack of practice. That is why I love to be as a passanger and that is also a reason to have bikes big enough to keep moving.

So, let's get started!
First of those bikes during the last ten years is Suzuki V-Strom. Also called DL 1000. It is kind of adventure style motorcycle or sport enduro tourer like it was called before. The bike has chain final drive. Meaning of that is you have to regularly clean the chains and lubricate them. As a passanger I appreciate the V-Strom's roomy, comfy pillion, which provides passengers with ample legroom and a good seating position in relation to the rider.

Suzuki have released a new V-Strom 1000 model. They have update a seat, a windscreen and IMU -breaking system wich enhancing stability more, just some improvements to bring up. Sounds good, because bike had a feeling of instability when you tried to lean corners more deeply. We have had both motor size of Suzuki V-Strom; 650 and 1000. Good bikes with a decent prices.
Sometimes shit happens. Never ever underestimate dangers of motorcycling. Dont't think that you are the king of the road and anything can't harm you. Have eyes everywhere and prepare yourself to act instinctively. Recognize your strenghts and weaknesess. More is less. You can't avoid every accident, but paying attention to the road will help you spot threats. Funny thinking, but it is better riding like everybody is out to harm you -I mean that even being clipped by a car can knock a rider from his bike. So keep constant eye on traffic! Intersections are also dangerous. Car drivers can pay attention to phones more than to traffic and not all drivers sign their intentions before changinng lanes. So rider should have ekstra vigilance to everything.
Italy vaccation: there was something in the road, loose sand, smooth asphalt, sharp corner, too much speed, wrong driving line for corner, anything... Thanks to be God! Nothing big bodily injuries happened. One thing is more than important: know your bike! Really! You have to find out how the bike is working under heavy situations. For example when you have to slam the brakes you should know how your bike handles that tight breaking. Idea is to avoid hitting anything or throwing yourself and the passanger off the bike. Another example is gravel. It causes your bike to behave unpredictably. Riders have no seatbelts so even in a slow speed crash there isn't much to protect. Always be careful.
Upkeep your bike! Pay attention to the condition of your tyres. Check possible damages and air pressure regularly. If any doubts appear seek the opinion of expert and don't take any risks. Change your tires immediatly when they show signs of ageing, the legal wear limit is reached, tyre is damaged or has been punctured. Keep yourself safe! Motorcycling is adventuring. Put on your driving clothes and right there it is. Maybe you are just going to the work, but the way how you do it! Wooo! Driving a moto.